Areas of expertise

Business law

The firm provides general advice in the field of trade, the design and drafting, negotiation and conclusion of a wide variety of commercial contracts, both national and international. All our legal services comply with the laws and regulations of the Romanian and international companies in force.

Our portfolio of expertise includes consulting with many international entities in negotiating complex, secure and unsecured transactions, reaching all forms of business. In the corporate field, our activity is diversified and covers: incorporations, corporate responsibility, special purpose corporate vehicles, shareholder structures, shared capital structure, shareholding structure, loans between partners, tasks and responsibilities of directors, corporate governance, protection of minority shareholders.

  • Establishments of entities and corporate and corporate collaborations, liquidations, bankruptcies and restructurings
  • Joint - International and national Ventures - based in Romania
  • Corporate governance
  • Contracts between shareholders and share subscription contracts
  • Corporate disputes, litigation, dispute resolution, dispute resolution, arbitration, debt recovery
  • Review and drafting of international contracts and international documents
  • Sale and purchase of goods and other assets including public tenders with the Romanian State and procurement procedures
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Structuring international sales contracts
  • Agency and distribution contracts
  • Employment, administrative contracts, as well as contracts and collaborations from the daily activity of individuals and legal entities
  • Establishment of all types of companies
  • Concluding joint ventures and other forms of corporate collaboration including through offshore companies
  • Regulatory compliance. We ensure the full functioning of legal entities and companies by submitting the necessary documents and obtaining, on behalf of the client, all permits, authorizations, notices and licenses as well as maintaining them as valid and with full effect.
  • Aspects of tax law that intervene in the activity of companies and legal entities
  • Mergers, divisions, acquisitions and restructurings

Our firm operates in the field of mergers, divisions, acquisitions and restructurings of state-owned and private companies in all economic fields, in the field of corporate restructuring projects and asset sales, investment fund set-ups and investment programs, investment strategies. exit, takeovers and mergers, procedures for the acquisition of companies by their management or employees (MBO or MBI).

Stock market

In our experience, we act both for investors and for issuers of shares and agents (Financial Services and Investment Companies), providing legal services and representation in:

  • corporate / corporate and contractual assistance
  • listing and delisting procedures
  • takeovers
  • sale offers and purchase offers
  • assistance in the relationship with the Financial Supervisory Authority
  • shares issuing and financial instruments
  • Real estate, financial and business projects

Real estate developments and construction sector

We have substantial relevant experience in consulting and assisting clients in real estate acquisitions for real estate development and sales. We are also experienced in domestic and international mechanisms related to these transactions as well as in security and guarantee mechanisms related to properties. I have provided various audits, financial, accounting and legal, providing advice on compliance with regulations and permits and authorizations, and I have advised on "green - field" projects from hotel construction, to residential and commercial construction - commercial space.

We will represent you in matters including access roads and easements, property delimitation disputes, divisions, possessory actions, mortgage actions, and other issues related to property titles.

Our firm also offers consulting on leasing and leasing contracts, as well as on large projects related to the concession of public property. We provide comprehensive legal services to the construction industry, including investors, developers, contractors and professionals in various related fields of service delivery.

  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Real estate investments and developments
  • Rental contracts for commercial and residential purposes
  • Construction and engineering contracts
  • Infrastructure and other major projects
  • Public Works
  • Property financing, leasing, concessions

Also, together with our collaborators we provide consultancy in financial investment projects in the real estate field, in the capital market, as well as in corporate / company assets, offering solutions and exit strategies for investments in a wide variety of business projects.

Contract Law. Inheritance. Family law

Our firm offers legal services in all subdivisions of Civil Law and Family Law, both in consulting and in negotiation and litigation.

We have special experience in the field of civil law transactions and contracts, legal and testamentary successions, divisions, divorces and custody of minors of a national and cross-border nature, as well as in the field of Matrimonial Conventions and the Separation Regime during or after dissolution of marriage by any of the legal means.



Economic felonies

Our law firm offers consulting, representation and legal assistance in the field of economic crimes to both the injured parties and those suspected of committing such crimes, such as:

  • false
  • use of false
  • abuse of trust
  • economic felonies under special laws
  • tax evasion
  • offenses under the Companies Law and the Accounting Law

We also aim to recover both damages and unrealized profits in court proceedings or through transactions between the parties.

Property crimes committed by individuals

We assist individuals in all legal proceedings regarding property offenses, including those before the Prosecutor's Offices, which have as their object negotiations for the conclusion of Guilt Agreements, as regulated by the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Our Cabinet is also competent to provide advice on situations arising from the delivery of a sentence: appeals against the execution of the warrant, conditional release requests, requests for rehabilitation, advice on the fulfillment of obligations during the supervision period in case of postponement of the sentence or the suspension of the execution of the sentence under supervision, as well as in situations of their revocation.


The most personalized and integrated services provided by our firm are those in which we act as Trustees and as Investment Lawyers.

The trust as an activity and service starts from the mutual trust between the Client and his Lawyer.

Based on a Trust Agreement concluded and signed according to the provisions of the Law on the Organization of the Romanian Bar and the New Romanian Civil Code:

We represent investors and set up and coordinate the management of investment vehicles - (commercial) companies established for the implementation of investments in Romania - also hiring collaborators and employees and concluding partnerships at individual and corporate level.

We manage assets, assets and funds on behalf of clients and we invest them according to the limits of the mandate, assuming the targets agreed with the constituent clients of the trust - those who offer us this management mandate.

In certain Investment / Business Projects we assume Project Management ensuring their coordination at all levels on behalf of the Client / Constituent Trust.

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