You are more than my client

At my practice I don’t only point issues

Our results shape

Welcome to Russu Fiduciary Law Office

We are a Boutique Law Office focused on Fiduciary Activities on all scales of trade trusts, assets of individuals and investment projects  (Patrimony), Forming and Developing of Small & Medium Enterprises and by the flexibility of our teams, providing legal services to large entities.

During our 14 years of experiences we have built our practice in areas such as Medical Equipments and Services, Real Estates Development, Stock Exchange Market & Securities, Transportation, Agriculture, Gambling & Taxation with German, Swiss, Italian, Israeli, Greek, Bulgarian, UK and Spanish clients investing in Romania. With individual (foreign) clients we have acted as Fiduciary of their civil assets as we have counselled & assisted them in all areas of Civil & Family Law and Asset Criminal  Law.

Under the Romanian Legislation – The Civil Code and the Regulations of the Profession of Lawyers – Fiduciary Activities is the equivalent of Trust under Common Law, with the possibility that the beneficiary may be as well the settlor himself (itself, in case of an entity) case in which the Fiduciary acts as a Manager or a Project Manager.

Our Vision

With our tailor made legal services we aim  to create added value to the (patrimony) assets of entities and individuals that become more than our clients but our partners.


In our  areas of expertise  we are acting in/as, representing our clients and managing :

Consultancy & Due Diligence →
Offering assessments for “best case scenario”, “probable scenario” &”worst case scenario” and legal solutions for exits.
Negotiations →
Litigations →
Alternative Dispute Resolution →
Fiduciary services →


Civil Law

Our Office offers legal services within all the subdivisions of Civil Law and Family Law including Matrimonial Agreement and Pre-nuptial Agreement

Business Law

Our Office is recognized for its corporate expertise, acting for multinationals and local companies in virtually all types of related legal matters, from day to day advisory work to large-scale strategic transactions.

Business & Asset Criminal Law

Our Office renders legal consultancy and representation in Business Criminal Law, both for the injured party and for the suspected party

Fiduciary Activities & Investments Coordination

Our most tailor made and integrated services is  acting as Trustees and  Investment Lawyers.