Attorney at Law Mihai Russu – LL.M in Business Law – dully  acting as Solicitor, Barrister and Fiduciary is the Founder and Manager of Russu Fiduciary Law Office with an expertise of more than 14 years.

After completing his junior period in front of the Local Courts in Transylvania and Bucharest representing clients persons and legal entities in commercial, real estate retrocession and civil contractual cases, he acted in Bucharest as an Associate of one of the first five Law Firms in Romania. He was a member of the Due Diligence Team within the privatization process of the strongest Romanian commercial bank. He also dealt with major Real Estate Projects and Private Public Partnerships.

He also gained expertise in major procedures and operations on listing and delisting of companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange rendering also consultancy on Competition, Fiscal and Banking major issues.

An important step in his carrier was marked by coordinating a Due Diligence Investigation on a multinational company involved in the furniture industry. In the same respect, he analyzed and concluded Shareholders Agreements, Share Deals and Acquisitions.

When becoming the Coordinating Senior Associate of an important Law Firm in Bucharest, he coordinated both major Real Estate Projects but also Private Equity Projects the entire structure including Due Diligence Investigations and Reports, Exit Strategies and Return of Investments under various scenarios (worst, likely and best). He also rendered legal assistance and representation to one of the well-known hotel in Bucharest listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. He continued increasing his expertise in Competition and Fiscal Law. He accomplished as well a Due Diligence on Business Acquisition under a Share Deal.

A special part of Mr. Mihai Russu area of legal services is legal assistance and successful representation in litigations against Central Romanian Authorities, of Airline Companies such as the strongest Romanian Competitor of the Romanian National Airline Company on internal and regional market including Europe, and the National Polish Airlines.

While gaining full trusts from Clients and according to the legislation changes of the New Romanian Civil Code he seized the legal opportunity of acting as Fiduciary, Trustee and Project Manager in several major investment projects.

He speaks German and Hungarian, and is fluent in English.